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Total Immersion One Day Workshops: 
'Advanced Skills' (Level 2) in Berlin  
- Sunday (all day)  * POSTPONED until 2024
Holmes Place Health Club - Neue Welt, Hasenheide 109, 10967 Berlin

Total Immersion - Advanced Skills (Level 2)

Advance your freestyle/front crawl swimming to the next stage. Learn the fundamentals of effective propulsion using the catch and two beat kick. The workshop includes two pool sessions, presentations/questions and answers in the classroom and video analysis of your stroke in the morning and afternoon sessions. Please see important prerequisites under 'Who should take this workshop?'. 

About the Advanced Skills Workshop:

Build on the skills you have learned as a Total Immersion freestyle swimmer - balance, streamlining, stability. We introduce the catch - the movement of the arm as it holds water as the body passes. And the two beat kick - which not only saves energy but also improves stroke timing, balance and streamlining.  This workshop also provides an opportunity revisit and refine the skills learned at Level 1.

Who should take this workshop?

All participants must have already completed a Level 1 'Effortless Endurance Freestyle' workshop or a Total Immersion Weekend Workshop or have achieved comparable skills through one-to-one lessons with a certified TI Coach. Participants should be able to swim 50m freestyle crawl stroke without stopping and have comfortable breathing skills. Participants need to have mastered 'the patient lead arm' - meaning the lead arm remains in position until the moment of the 'mailslot entry' / weight-shift / rotation - this is essential for learning any catch skills.

What will you learn?

  • Two Beat Kick - minimises drag and turbulence and saves energy, but at the same time adds whole-body power to your stroke. The two beat kick adds to propulsion by driving your body through rotation into its most streamlined, minimal drag position.

  • Catch - creates forward propulsion by positioning your extended arm in place to trap the maximum volume of water. This helps to propel your body forward through the water — rather than pushing water behind you .

  • Review of Level 1 skills - balance, streamlining, arm recovery and breathing.

Workshop Language: English

(DE - Hinweis: Alle Workshops werden in englischer Sprache durchgeführt.)

Participants: 12 -14 max.

Water and snacks will be provided, you should bring your own lunch or buy from the area. There are also bakeries /cafes/supermarket close to the venue.


Location: Holmes Place Health Club, Neue Welt, Hasenheide 109, 10967 Berlin.

Date:  * POSTPONED until 2024

Duration: 8:15 - 17:00 

Fee: 225 €   

For further information please email:

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