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James Harding

About me

Hi! I'm James,

I believe swimming should be an

inspiring and enjoyable experience

whether you are swimming for fun

or exercise or training for a sporting


I work with swimmers in a personalised way to help them become graceful and efficient in the water and to be able to swim with a sense of ease. I regularly see swimmers totally transform their technique (for the better) in just a few hours at Total Immersion swimming workshops. 

I became a Total Immersion Certified Coach in 2016 and then a Level 2 Coach in 2018 and have trained and worked with TI Master Coaches from the UK, USA, Netherlands and Poland. In 2019 I qualified as TI Workshop Director. I'm based in Berlin, Germany and coach throughout Europe. 

I enjoy working with swimmers of all abilities and a wide range of ages and sharing the principles of lifelong improvement that Total Immersion promotes. I am particularly keen to coach swimmers who find they have shoulder, neck or arm ache after swimming as learning TI helps to maintain a better body position and can help minimise injury. And if you already have an interest in Tai-Chi, Qigong, Chi-Running or Yoga, you may find some of the ideas in Total Immersion complement these practices well.   

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