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Total Immersion has been developed over the course of decades of swim coaching, intensely focused practice and training by Founder and Head Coach Terry Laughlin (USA). Since Terry began teaching the technique to others in the late 1980s Total Immersion has found success worldwide and has transformed swimming for many thousands of people. Terry sadly passed away in October 2017, but through a network of dedicated and skilled coaches from around the world the technique and coaching materials continues to be developed. 

About Total Immersion (TI):

  • There has been no other swimming technique based on so much research or taught in such a detailed and systematic way - TI makes sense and is taught in a logical way that is easy to understand.

  • TI is not only available to elite athletes or the physically gifted - anybody can learn to become a great swimmer.

  • The technique is constantly being improved -  through the Total Immersion Academy instructional videos and e-books are regularly published.

  • TI is a worldwide community and is growing bigger every year - becoming a TI swimmer means joining a global community. TI organises events and training in locations around the world.

Some TI Principles:

Continuous Improvement

Total Immersion combines a straightforward way to learn with a philosophy of continuous improvement. We see every swim as an opportunity to improve on a part of our swimming technique. We also see both success and failure as an important part of mastering swimming.  

TI mastery starts from a solid foundation of balance and streamlining.

Video Analysis

Where available TI coaches use video analysis to help guide swimmers in mastering their stroke and to find areas they need to work on. This tool is particularly useful as it gives swimmers a chance to really see what is happening with their stroke in fine detail. In our feedback we are always positive, encouraging and supportive whatever stage you are at with your swimming.

For more information about Total Immersion (USA & worldwide): 

To subscribe to the Total Immersion Academy or to buy TI videos and self-coaching courses: (affiliate link)

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