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Total Immersion Technique


Swim Coaching in Berlin

a new way to think about swimming

Now anyone can learn to swim in a way which is easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. Through Total Immersion coaching you can transform your stroke and become able to swim further, faster and with less effort than you ever imagined possible.

is this technique really for me?

Do you want to be able to swim without tiring easily? Or to become more relaxed in the water and be able to breathe more easily whilst swimming? Maybe you want to increase your enjoyment and experience a sense of calm and focus when swimming? Total Immersion is the answer.

TI Certified Coach James Harding offers Total Immersion workshops and is based in Berlin, Germany. 

helping you to reach your goals

Whether you are training for a triathlon or other event or just want to be able to swim 50m freestyle without struggle. Or if you simply want to learn a way to swim which is effortless, beautiful and minimises the risk of injury Total Immersion coaching can help.

Ask me a question about how swim coaching can help you to achieve your individual goals.


Move through the water effortlessly and with ease.  


The foundations of great swimming are balance, streamline and propulsion

'the rules for swimming well are the same as those for living well' 

Terry Laughlin, Total Immersion Founder


Follow-up practice plans 

Equipment and training advice

Improve swimming speed and swim further with greater ease

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